Full khaki

A. An official khaki shirt for the spectators, which can be bought at the committee's position in Jacei during the first operations. The cost of the shirt is $ 25. Payment on the spot for the shirts will be in cash only. You can pay with credit in advance at the Shevet Geffen store.

B. Khaki pants that can be bought at any store like Gap, Old Navy and more

third. The trainees will receive the tie on the day of the viewer

If the tie is lost - the trainee will be asked to purchase an additional tie at a cost of $ 5

D. Festive khaki - campers are asked to purchase a white T-shirt from the Geffen tribe. The cost of the shirt is $ 25. The shirt will be used by the campers in the various ceremonies as part of the festive khaki dimensions that they will be asked to wear.

The shirt can be purchased at the committee stand at the Jesse in the first steps. Payment is in cash only

A trainee who has a white shirt from previous years does not have to buy a new shirt

A khaki shirt and white shirt will be sold in the first operations of the year


Veteran campers are asked to arrive in full khaki starting with the first action !!

New campers are asked to arrive in full khaki starting from the fourth operation, so the "pajama party" camp should go out in full khaki

Regarding khaki and ties, please contact Treasurer Orly Regev.



By registering for the tribe, the parents approve of the Geffen tribe and viewers to use any photo and / or video that will be taken during the various activities. The use will include, among other things, uploading materials to the tribe's website, the tribe's Facebook page or any other purpose related to the tribe's activities.



For any question, comment or clarification, please contact the center of the tribe, the head of the tribe or one of the committee members


First action

Year of activity 2020-21

It will open on Sunday, October 18, 2020.

Please follow the tribe's Facebook page

For updates


Operations routine

Rules of conduct in our normal activities

:working hours

The actions will take place once a week on Sundays between 4-6pm at the JesseS in Roslyn, unless otherwise stated. Please arrive a few minutes before the start of the action and pick up your children on time at the end of the action

: Meeting and collection place

Upon arrival at the action the trainees are asked to come to the library. At the end of the action the parents are asked to pick up the trainees from the lobby of the Geysir.

When downloading and picking up, please be careful not to interfere with the day-to-day operations of the Jesse. The vehicles must be parked and the trainees picked up on foot. Do not park in double parking lots and do not leave driverless vehicles in the square before the main entrance. Please obey the instructions of the parents on duty who will stand outside and direct the movement. Your cooperation is very important

: Presence in actions

The presence of the trainees in the activities is very important in order to maintain a sequence of actions and maintain the motivation of the trainees and the group. In addition, the instructors invest a lot of time and thought in preparing the actions in order for the trainees to have interesting and fun content and the non-arrival of trainees impairs the quality of the actions. If the trainee is unable to attend the operation, please notify the group's instructor or the tribe center as soon as possible, please do not report absences in the battalion group.


Parent attendance:

The Scouts is a youth movement for all that it entails, including placing the responsibility on the youth counselors and developing independence among the trainees. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden for parents to enter into activities. If there is a difficulty for the child, please contact the personal guide,the group's chief of staff or the tribe's center in advance.


: Late

Please try not to be late for the actions as it is very detrimental to the action and makes it difficult for the instructors and the whole group to be focused on the action. A late trainee will be asked to wait outside the activity room until the start of the next part of the activity so as not to disturb the whole group

Please bring the children a few minutes before the start of the operation

: Early departure of the activity

If there is a trainee who needs to leave the operation early - please inform the group's supervisor / instructors or the tribe center in advance and the trainee will be waiting for you in the lobby. Parents will not be allowed to enter the operations and remove trainees

: Khaki

As every year there will be a strict adherence to activity on a full khaki (khaki shirt, khaki shorts and tie). A trainee without a khaki will not be able to participate in the activities and will have to call his parents who will come to pick him up or bring him a khaki

Only new trainees can not get on a khaki in the first three actions, however starting with the fourth action they too will be asked to get on a full khaki

During the ceremonies, the campers are asked to arrive in a festive khaki - a white T-shirt, a khaki shorts and a tie. The instructors will inform the campers when a festive khaki is needed, and emails and text messages will also be sent to the parents.


Parents and trainees are asked to read and follow the Code of Conduct of the Geffen tribe, as well as theCode of Conduct of the Sabra leadership. Please emphasize to the trainees the importance of listening to the instructors and maintaining discipline in the group. Disruptions prevent the instructors from performing the actions they worked on and make it difficult for the whole group. Only cooperation on the part of the trainees and parents will ensure all the children of the tribe a successful and enjoyable year of activity

: Using mobile phones

Mobile phones will not be allowed during the operation. The trainees are asked not to bring phones into action or to place the phones in a dedicated box at the beginning of the action and pick them up at the end of the activity. Please emphasize to the trainees the issue of not using the phones during the operation. It distracts them and prevents active and proper participation in the action

: WhatsApp groups

The regimental WhatsApp groups are intended to convey messages regarding viewers only. Please avoid posting messages on other topics so as not to create a burden on the group. If you have individual questions - you can contact the group's guide or head of the group in private

In addition, please refrain from posting messages that are not about the viewers. If you think there is an important ad that should be brought to the attention of the battalion's parents, please send a message in detail to the tribe's center and he / she will make sure to forward it to the tribe's leadership for approval.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the group does not become a general bulletin board and is a nuisance in terms of the number of messages in it, thus maintaining the main interest and activity of the battalion.


If there are any comments regarding the guides - please contact the tribe's graduate center in private. We want to preserve the dignity of the instructors and remember that in the end - they too are children! Please do not contact the instructors directly but only through the center or the head / treasurer of the tribe.

Please check our calendar of eventsto stay up to date

Parents who are interested in volunteering throughout the year or at a specific event, please contact Eitan , the head of the tribe, or the adult center horizon


Code of Conduct


Attitude and Behavior

I understand that my attitude and behavior are critical to the success of Shevet Metzada. I acknowledge that I share responsibility for the Shevet activities and I agree to abide by the following:


I will be sensitive to the needs of each group (shevet, troop) member.


I will respect the people and places with whom I come in contact at all times.


I understand that the use of tobacco, alcohol, or drugs will not be tolerated, and that use of such substances during any activity will result in expulsion from the activity.


I will use all required safety equipment and follow safety rules and procedures.


I will be responsible for my personal belongings and equipment and I will not hold my troop / group or the shevet responsible for loss or damage due to my own negligence or neglect.


I will follow all directions promptly and respectfully and I will not disturb others.


I will not physically or verbally harm others, in person or online, and I will not use abusive or profane language. (Including hitting, spitting, and verbal and written names calling)


I will treat all resources provided for use with care. I understand that I will be assessed damages to any equipment in the event that my use of such equipment is negligent or abusive.


I will respect the personal equipment and property of others.


I understand that if I am sent home early from a meeting or activity due to any serious misconduct, it will be at my parent or guardian's expense.

Therefore, the following actions will be implemented in all cases where any child behaves inappropriately and / or physically harms another:


§ First Misconduct:

The child will be given a warning by his / her madrich regarding his / her disruptive behavior and he / she will be removed from the group and the activity for a short cooling period.

§ Second Misconduct:

The child will be removed from the group and the activity for a short cooling period and the parents will be informed of possible future disciplinary actions.

§ Third Misconduct:

The child will be permanently removed from the program for the remainder of the day. The parent, or other emergency contact, will be contacted and will be required to pick-up the child immediately.

§ Any Additional Misconduct:

The parents will be contacted and the child will be suspended from the program unless his / her parents accompany him / her to the next activity. The children should be aware that they will be held responsible for their actions and that inappropriate behavior is never acceptable in our program.